Angel at Large

Angel at Large - A Nativity-Pantomime for Christmas

A map-eating camel, an apprentice angel and two incompetent soldiers are not usually found in accounts of the Christmas story. However, they all appear in "Angel at Large," a play for all ages by Nigel Forde, co-founder of the Riding Lights Theatre Company. The "Angmering Players" will be presenting this play on December 7th and 9th at St Margaret's Church.

The play appeals to adults but it is not primarily written for them and their greatest enjoyment will come from being in an audience with children. It is the story of the nativity in pantomime form. There is a lot of slapstick, chasing around and verbal fireworks.

The story centres on the "political" aspect of the nativity story and with King Herod's involvement and the adventures of Auriel, a young angel whose first mission is to be sent to earth to make sure everything goes smoothly!

The action takes place in Heaven, in Herod's Palace and in the parlour of the Star Inn in Bethlehem. A small choir will complement the action with their music.

Tickets are now available to purchase online. Go to the event page for the performance you want to book for by clicing on the time:-

Thursday 7.30pm

Saturday 3pm SOLD OUT

Saturday 6pm