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Sometimes life goes steadily on at a nice even level – family, school, work, relationships and health all seem to be good – all is well with our world. Then, suddenly, our peace and tranquillity is threatened and overturned by some major event; be it ill-health, money problems, stress, loved ones letting us down, even bereavement.


Of course, not all major events are negative; some like marriage or child-birth or exam success are times of joy. However, all life’s big events normally involve change and lead us to think about the ‘bigger picture’ –what is life all about?


Big events also cause us to want to share our joy and give thanks or receive support in our sorrow and distress. For thousands of years, people in these circumstances have turned to prayer, the church and God – sometimes for the first time in their lives, sometimes returning to a faith that they once had and sometimes to question that very faith, or lack of it, in the light of their new circumstances.


If these or other events have caused you to think more deeply about the meaning of life, please may we suggest you consider chatting this over with a Christian friend or signing up for a n Alpha or Christianity Explored course?