Cancer Support Team

Cancer Support Team

[under the auspices of the Rev Penny Giles Trust]

The initial diagnosis of cancer can be an extremely stressful experience, prone to uncertainty as to the nature of the ongoing treatment and its impact on the individual. It is this uncertainty, despite the best efforts of medical practitioners, which can have a corrosive effect, with those affected fearing very often the worst possible outcome. Anticipation of the ongoing experience can often prove more debilitating than the treatment itself.

At St Margaret’s, a small group of volunteers who have all experienced cancer, of differing types and varying severity, have formed a Cancer Support Team. They offer practical insight and an empathetic approach drawn from their experience of the condition and they offer to journey with the sufferer as appropriate to that individual’s situation. This support is in place to sustain individuals or couples, as required, through the treatment phase and the eventual outcome.

The Cancer Support Team is co-ordinated jointly by Sue Pyle and Lesley Dainton and is available to provide support on a one to one basis, in liaison with the church’s Pastoral Care resource.

It is our aim, in due course, to offer similar support to the wider community in Angmering.

How can you access our service?

Call Sue Pyle on 01903 778966 or Lesley Dainton on 01903 785678 or email the team via or