Christianity Explored



At the centre of the Christian faith stands Jesus Christ, who lived 2000 years ago, and can (so Christians believe) be known personally by people today. Jesus is at the centre of our Church at St Margaret’s, and we have made big changes to our church so that people can more easily discover him today!

Would you be interested to explore this Jesus for yourself? You may have heard about him in the past, or you may know very little about him. He offers to do some really wonderful things for all who chose to follow him. Here are just a few:-

To bring us into a fresh relationship with God as our Father;

To give us power to live in our often complicated world;

To join a supportive community that is both local and world-wide;

To receive the sure promise of eternal life;

Would you like to explore these things? Christianity Explored will enable you in 6 weeks to examine Jesus very closely. You’ll hear who he is, what he’s done for you, what he offers you and what it means to follow him.

On the first evening we have an introductory meal starting at 7.30pm and the remaining evenings start at 8pm. Then there is a short talk on the theme of the evening, and then a chance for questions and discussion. You are most welcome to ask any question , and we will try our best to give you an answer. If you prefer simply to listen, that’s fine too!

The evenings finish by about 9.30pm.

We are also runnign a morning course starting at 10.45am as an alternative with refreshments but no meal.

If you’d like to know more or come to the next course starting on 13th January then please do ring me on 01903 784979. I’ll be pleased to speak to you.

Mark Standen – Rector