Mission is local, national and international

All through the Bible, God’s people have a ‘mission’: to bring the good news of his love and forgiveness to all people – locally, nationally and internationally. This is the continuing task of the worldwide church today. St Margaret’s Parish Church, Immanuel Church and Angmering Baptist Church are committed to local outreach in Angmering, and to support for other mission work beyond the parish.

Mission is always in word and deed

Mission means bringing the gospel message about our Lord Jesus Christ in word and deed. Jesus sent his followers out, to ‘make disciples’ from people of all nations, baptising them and teaching them all that he had told them. So in our support for mission work we always ask questions like, “…and how do you tell them about Jesus? Do you pray with people and give them Bibles? Do you work with local Christians?”

Mission involves a wide range of work-types

Through our prayers and giving we support a range of different work-types, including medical work, poverty relief, evangelism, children & youth work, theological training, mission workers from overseas coming to the UK (not just ‘the West to the rest’) and so on.

Mission is personal: personal links are essential

We support a range of mission agencies active around the world. Wherever possible, we have a personal link sending us regular updates on their work, and for whom we can pray. We also encourage people from our own church to consider if God is calling them to serve him in mission. Young or old, short or long-term, we hope that people from St Margaret’s will catch the vision.

Organising our mission support

We’ve decided as a church to give a proportion of our churches’ annual income to support mission beyond the parish. Our Mission Group meets regularly to plan and pray about allocating these resources. We want this to be wisely used to help God’s kingdom grow around the world and bring him glory.

The Mission Prayer Group meets monthly on the 2nd Sunday at 3.45pm see Connect for details